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CQSW, BA (Hons), MA Anthrozoology (Merit)

Reward Based Dog Training and Behaviour Clinics

So what can I offer you and your dog?: Using reward based methods I provide a one to one, individual service for people wanting help with their dogs. I take personal and veterinary referrals from Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Dog Training:  The aim is to provide some structure to the training many start with, to enable more effective communication, and better control and responses.

Problems may range from:

* Pulling on the lead * Poor recall
* Jumping up is a common problem * Over-excitement
* Puppy biting * Meetings and greetings.
* House training * Your dog simply not listening to you, or others

Dog BehaviourThere are numerous behavioural problems that sometimes require the help of a professional:

* Various anxieties
* Aggression to humans and/or dogs
* Aggression around food or toys
* Separation anxiety leading to barking or destructiveness for example.
* Fears / nervousness towards people, dogs, places.
* Fears of fireworks and other sounds
* Attention-seeking behaviours
* Relating to and understanding your rescue dog

All these and more, can cause difficulties for you and consequently your canine companion.

I use reward based methods and all are based on extensive learning and experience over 40 years. The interests of both yourselves and your dogs are at the heart of my work and I aim to give you the tools to manage your lives together with more ease, understanding and pleasure.

For discussion and further information, please contact me on: 0114 2962271

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